5 Qualities Your Cleaning Service Company Should Have

Essential Traits for a Top-Notch Home Cleaning Experience

living-room-cleaningHome cleaners exist in larger numbers than ever before. That’s because Tom and Sally, who own a mop and bucket, can call themselves a cleaning company. This is great for them, but often leaves a lot of homeowners with terrible cleaning companies.

As a result, a little bit of effort is needed to find a quality cleaning service company. Here are five characteristics you should look for in a home cleaning company.


The number one reason for hiring a cleaning company is convenience. They allow you to spend more time with family, work, and come home to a clean place. But a lot of house cleaners make you spend more time and energy trying to chase them down to do the job you hired them to do. A quality cleaning company will make your life simple. Working with them should be convenient, meaning there should be easy scheduling, great customer support, and excellent service.

Strong Feedback

Testimonials and reviews. A great cleaning company will have feedback from current and past customers. If they are doing a great job, you should see a lot of 4 and 5 stars. Anything less, you are in for a bumpy ride. Be sure to check their cleaning history, even ask for references if necessary.

Excellent Customer Service

Ever go to a restaurant, order something slightly different then what’s on the menu, and the waiter say they can’t do that? It always irks me when that happens. Same goes for your cleaning company.

They shouldn’t tell you they can’t do something if you hired them to do a job. I heard a story from a customer — a mother of two — who was so busy she let the house go for about a month or so. She hired a cleaning company to come in and take some of the stress of her shoulders. There was part of a banana peel that had hardened on the floor.

The cleaning company told her the house is too dirty for us to clean. What? Can you believe that? Don’t you hire a cleaning company because the house it dirty. I was shocked. She instantly fired them.

No Contracts

Don’t get locked in by a contract. The cleaning companies that do this tend to take your business for granted and let the quality of their cleaning slip. I am a fan of hiring and firing a cleaning company based on your needs. Your needs can change quickly so you will want to work with a company who is willing to change their services based on you.


My biggest grievance with the cleaning industry is that business want you to call them for a “Free Quote”. This takes up a lot of time. You have to call, find a time for them to come to your house and give you a quote, then find another time they can come by and clean.

Who has time for this? Most of us are working full-time jobs, trying to take care of the house, and caring for the kids. Your cleaning company needs to be simple to deal with. Some ways are through simple pricing and easy scheduling.

We modeled our cleaning company of these five characteristics. We don’t require contracts. Our pricing is flat and simple, so you can know how much it is going to be. We don’t play tricks and charge hidden fees. Scheduling your clean is easy. For a heavenly experience, book your cleaning today.