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Who is St. Pete’s Maids?

In 2016, St. Pete’s Maids started with a simple mission. We heard cleaners say:

  • My boss is unfair and doesn’t pay me enough
  • I hate my job
  • I don’t feel valued or like the company event cares about me.

We are constantly working to create a place where those statements are gone. We want our employees to feel valued and we want them to feel treated fairly.

Our mission is more than cleaning toilets. It’s more than getting on your knees to scrub the floor. We want to become one of the best small-businesses to work for.

Since our founding, we have become a top-rated company. St. Pete’s Maids serves primarily the residential market. Meaning, we clean people’s homes.

Our mission

Our mission is to eliminate inconvenience in the world.

  • Lift burdens: We take on clients’ to-do’s so they can embrace a lighter, more serene lifestyle.
  • Simplify life: Every touchpoint is designed for utmost convenience, making home cleaning a breeze.
  • Build community: From shared tattoos to drag queen shows, we foster friendships that extend beyond work hours.
  • Create connections: We earn a special place in our clients’ hearts, often being treated as valued friends rather than just a service.

Helping local kids one home at a time

We believe in social responsibility. Every single home we clean helps a local-foster kid that has been abused or neglected. You’ll be involved in changing the foster care community in your own neighborhood. 

There are approximately 13,000 foster kids in the state of Michigan.

With every cleaning, we donate a portion of our revenue to local charities that support foster children. We are big supporters of CASA – which helps kids in the legal system not get lost and forgotten. It’s common when their foster parents, case workers, and lawyers change. CASA supports children by assigning a single person to a child until the case is closed — the child goes home with family or is adopted.

Why You Should Work At St. Pete’s Maids

Alexis Craig, the founder, is passionate about the business and has worked in the trenches with her elbow deep in the world’s dirtiest toilets.

We’ve found that franchise companies care about the return on their investment. They likely purchased the franchise to make a return on their money. Not because they wanted to make a difference in the industry.

… And we believe that shows in the way they treat their staff and manage the company.

The Ma’ and Pa’ cleaning companies don’t have the resources to support their employees and help their employees grow.

How We Compare to Other Cleaning Companies

St. Pete’s MaidsFranchisesMom & Pa’
Flexible schedule
Employee appreciation eventsMaybe
Fair payMaybe
Paid driving time
Paid time offAfter 1 year
You keep tipsMaybe
Convenient techGood luck
Birthday gifts

We’re not perfect, but we think we’ve created a great place to work. 

You can’t have our company without people, and we try to let our people know that. By joining St. Pete’s Maids, you will get to be part of a company that has fun and does things.

Regular events

We regularly show our appreciation to our team

The qualities we look for

We are go-getters

We are not afraid to get dirt under our fingernails and break a sweat. We will put in the hours and do the jobs that nobody wants.

We are flexible

We adapt to different situations – from frat houses to waterfront homes. We can take the lead, yet, be a follower, depending on the situation at hand.

We are accountable

Accountability is done to improve our work-life and achieve goals we never imagined. We understand where we are and where we are heading.

We are reserved & polite

We have and exude self-control, despite how we feel. We try to show our feelings in healthy and positive ways.

We are team players

We come into work each morning ready to make the most of our time. We are going through the suck together so we try to have fun together.

We focus on service

We understand that the customer might not always be “right”, but they are treated with respect and appreciation.

What our team says


I have worked for St. Pete’s Maids for a little over a month as a manager. I can say this is one of the best manager jobs I have ever had. I am treated fairly by everyone and the workload is enough to keep busy without being overwhelmed. It is a nice change to not wake up every morning dreading my work day.


I’ve been here a few weeks now and I love working here! The job can be a little tiring but it compensates well and the people you work with and deal with are so great! I highly recommend St. Pete’s as an employer and cleaning company as well!


I’ve worked with St. Pete’s for almost 2 years and am very happy with the company! If you’re reliable and have a good work ethic, it will not go unnoticed. They take very good care of both their employees and their clients, and are always available if you have questions throughout the work day.


Flexible schedules available to fit your schedule, Coworkers are easy to work with and management is attentive to needs and problems both with clients and outside of work issues. The management takes care of your needs and supports employees anyway that they can. There is a great work atmosphere.


You will start your work day at a house cleaning. Often times, you will be going to repeat client’s homes, so you will be familiar with the home and your schedule. But cleaning is hard work, so you will likely sweat your butt off. Some days you will have to do a deep clean on a home where you will really sweat. From there, you will drive to two or three other homes before calling it a day.

Living out our core values. We use a simple framework for evaluating everyone. First, we look at how well you live out the core values in your work. We don’t care what you do in your personal life, but when you show up to work, you have to live our core values. This is the most important. We don’t care how long you have been cleaning for us, how good you are, or your experience. We care about how you live out our values.

Yep. Whenever a customer gives you a tip, it’s 100% yours. You earned it. Our data shows tips increase a cleaner’s wage by more than $1 per hour.

Nope, we will train anyone. What’s more important to us than your experience is that you match our core values and believe in our core mission. We call this looking for the right person for our company.

Most of our cleaners will start out under a lead cleaner and will quickly advance to a leader cleaner, where they will get a higher wage and greater responsibility. A few cleaners that stick around the company long enough may eventually move into a training role. We’re a company that is focused on growth so there may be a chance for advancement in sales, marketing, or something else. But we are also a small company, so advancement into management or administration may be a bit more limited than you might be looking for or hoping for. 

We work hard to schedule clients in clusters. This leaves you driving as little as possible. Of course, due to scheduling conflicts, someone calling off, etc, this isn’t always possible. But we do work our hardest to do it. All of our clients are all over the metro area, but you can pick what areas you want to service and clean.

That depends. Under our employee model, we ask that you sign a non-compete agreement with us. Under the subcontractor model, you sure can. However, many cleaning subcontractors wish to convert their company/clients to St. Pete’s Maids. If you’re tired of being the maid, the bookkeeper, the admin, and the sales person, then you might want to talk with us about converting your cleaning company to ours. 

Pay varies by the metro area you are working in. However, it has always been our mission to pay above industry and market averages. We offer an hourly rate, as opposed to other cleaning companies that offer only a percentage. In addition to an hourly rate, we offer benefits such PTO, employee rewards program, and more. We offer paid-time off immediately upon being hired (most companies make you wait a year). We also pay you for drive time.

Our 6-stage recruitment process

1. Review

Once you submit your application, we review your application for a variety of criteria — core values, work history, ability to follow directions.

2. Phone interview

We conduct initial phone interview to get to know each other and make sure we are a good fit for each other.

3. In-Person interview

Successful candidates will be asked to an in-person interview at a local coffee shop. Coffee is on us, of course. The goal is for us to get to know each other more.

4. Offer

We make an offer to the candidates we feel are a good fit for our company

5. Training period

Candidates are brought on for two-weeks of paid training to see if there is still a good fit between you and us.

6. Full hire

Successful candidates are fully hired.


While we mainly hire staff, we do work with subcontractors to fill in scheduling gaps.

  • Schedule optimization: Fill your calendar through our robust client base and steady demand.
  • Competitive pay: Benefit from our premium pricing with higher-than-average subcontractor rates.
  • Business support: We handle the administrative details, so you can focus on what you do best—cleaning.

*Subcontractors must supply their own cleaning supplies and transportation

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