Five Fun Things to Do in Lansing Instead of Cleaning

Explore Lansing: A Guide to Enjoying the Capital City Beyond Household Chores

Lansing. It’s the heart of the state.

First, because it’s near the center of the state and it’s our state’s capital. But more importantly, because Lansing is a growing city with a unique culture that blends politics and a college campus. It is an important center for education, business, and government.

It the best city in Michigan that has a lot going for it. There are a lot of fun things to do every weekend at all times of the year. From Delta Township to Old Town, I’m bringing you a list of five fun things to do in Lansing instead of cleaning your house.

Let’s get started.

Go See a Sports Game

Lansing doesn’t have any professional sports teams, but it is full of minor leagues and club teams. The city is home to the famous Michigan State University Spartans. The fall is an excellent time to go catch a football game. Downtown Lansing is home to the Lugnuts, a Class A minor league baseball team. They are affiliated with the Toronto Blue Jays. If you want to go see a professional team, you could always make a day drive down to Detroit.

Learn the Law

From the State Capitol to the Law Libraries, Lansing has plenty of opportunities to learn about our political system. Take a day to tour the capitol building or visit the library and browse through the massive collection of law books. Who knows, you might find a ridiculous Michigan law that you never knew existed.

Play With the Animals

Take your kids, or go be a kid if you don’t have any, to the Potter Park Zoo. This Lansing zoo is THE oldest public zoo in history. It hosts over 160 different species. The park has events or special occasions going on a lot of the time such as Boo at the Zoo and the Wonderland of lights.

Hit the Trails

Lansing has an impressive amount of parks. Delta Township alone proudly hosts more than 850 acres of parkland. The city is full of forested parks and trails. It is a perfect time to go hit the trails instead of staying indoors to do chores.

Go Play Some Disc Golf

My personal favorite. Lansing has some of the best disc golf courses in the entire state of Michigan. Some courses will require you to throw through the forest and over ponds. You will get some excellent exercise while having some fun out on the green.

There are a ton of fun things to do in Lansing instead of having to stay inside cleaning. If you want your time back to go do the things you really want, give us a call or schedule a booking. We can get you some time back by showing up to clean your house for you. Go have fun and come home to a clean place.