How to Hire (or Find) The Best Residential And Maid Cleaning Company For You

Guiding Your Search for the Ideal Home Cleaning Partner

Are you looking to hire (or find) the best residential and maid cleaning company for you? The key words are “FOR YOU.” If you’re part of this camp, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re sharing with you tips on how to find the best cleaning company for you.

Whether you’re looking for the lowest cost provider or the most convenient, caring and refreshing cleaning experience, there is a company that will meet your needs.

What Cleaning Services Do You Need?

There are a variety of maid services and specialized cleaning services. During your research, you will find that most maid services offer a base package and then move into more custom-cleaning based on your specific needs and the company’s primary services.

For example, all companies are likely to offer regular cleanings, but only some may offer carpet cleaning. Or some may do your dishes and others don’t. Some may do your laundry and others won’t.

Your first step to finding the right cleaning company for you is to determine the type of services you need. Here is a brief list of cleaning options different maid companies may offer, and which, you may have a need for:

  • Regularly scheduled weekly visits
  • Bi weekly visits
  • Monthly visits
  • More demanding tasks like your basement or garage
  • Personal household chores like dishes
  • Specialty cleaning like Carpet Cleaning

Your cleaning needs are going to be based on the size of your home, the location, your preferences, and your lifestyle.

When booking a cleaning company, you can expect to start with a deep clean, which will allow your home to get the attention it needs and bring it up to a maintenance level. These deep cleans and one-time visits tend to cost about 80 percent to 100 percent more than a regularly-scheduled weekly-cleaning.

Consider Their Process

Beyond the cleaning services each company offers, you may want to think about how they deliver on their promise.

For example, some cleaning companies offer green cleaning. Others don’t. You may have a preference for the type of chemicals that are being used in your home, and therefore, may want to select your cleaning company with care.

At St. Pete’s Maids, for example, we used EPA-approved disinfectant chemicals to give us the best chance of killing any viruses and germs in your home.

Another process component to consider is whether the cleaning company brings their own supplies or will need to use yours. It’s common for independent cleaners to use your chemicals and equipment, while a larger company is likely to bring their own.

Check out our recommendation on Redfin for how to clean your bathroom in a chemical-free way.

Private Housekeeper Or A Company?

Okay, once you’ve determined your services and considered a company’s cleaning process, your next step is to determine if you have a preference for a private, independent housekeeper or company.

Here are some quick differences between the two:

Private Housekeeper

  • Same person every time
  • Personalized service
  • Not usually insured
  • You have to file employment forms
  • No background checks

A Company

  • Insured and bonded
  • Background checks completed
  • No employment paperwork or taxes
  • Reliable

One thing we talk to our clients about is the cost of a cleaning company. A company, like St. Pete’s Maids, will often have a higher bill cost than a private, independent housekeeper, but don’t get fooled.

There are other costs that need to be considered with a private housekeeper. For example, they will often use your chemicals and supplies. Technically, you’re supposed to file employment forms and taxes when you hire a private housekeeper (we find almost nobody does and this opens you up to risk and liability), but that’s not the case with a company.

Plus, add in inconvenient factors, like the housekeeper getting sick or going on vacation, and suddenly that private housekeeper isn’t as cheap as you originally thought. There is a larger time investment to manage a private, independent housekeeper.

St. Pete’s Maids Vs. Independent Housekeepers

See how we compare to the independent housekeeper.

Verify Reviews And Claims

Alright, hopefully by now, you’ve been able to find a few companies that could potentially be the best for you. The next step is to verify reviews and claims to pick the best company.

For an online based company, like St. Pete’s Maids, you can do this pretty easily using Google and from the comfort of your home. Just hop over to Google and type your cleaning company’s name in.

For low-tech companies, you may have to ask for a testimonial list. If they are a good company, they should have some testimonials in a PDF or letter, ready to give to you.

Is St. Pete’s Maids Right For You?

Are we right for you? We might be. That’s for you to decide. We can tell you about us though.

St. Pete’s Maids seeks to provide an experience that is heavenly and the best in the Lansing area. We deliver convenience, happiness through exceptional customer services and cleaning.

Our goal is to give our customers time to enjoy their weekends and whatever else is important to them in their lives. Who wouldn’t want an extra 3 hours every week? We leave surprise gifts on occasions to our regulars to show them how much we appreciate them. We want our customers to love us so much that they would invite us over for Thanksgiving.

Finding a cleaner is a challenge, but with some time and patience you can find the right company to work with. A company that will bring you peace of mind — how it should be.

If you want to have a convenient, caring and refreshing experience (ones like Chris P. had)

“They do an amazing job. I just moved to the area and was just looking to find a maid service when I found St. Pete’s Maid Service. I am so glad I found them because they are easy to work with and go above and beyond with the cleaning. Dani and Alexis are awesome. They really make my life so much easier.”

Then book a cleaning today.

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