Brand media kit

Everything you need to know to write about us or promote us


The St. Pete’s Maids’ logo, with its elegant, flowing red lines, symbolizes the grace and dynamism of a spotless and revitalized living space.

To download, right-click (or control-click on a Mac) on the desired logo image and choose ‘Save image as…’ from the drop-down menu to save it to your device.

The logos will be downloaded as transparent SVG files with no background.

Logos and icons are the property of St. Pete’s Maids, and the owner retains all rights.

Brand colors

Please use our exact colors, as shown below, to maintain consistency in brand representation.


Primary accent.


Secondary accent.


Tertiary accent.


Text: Use this for headings and paragraphs


Borders: Use this for borders or shadows


Light BG: Use this (or white) for light backgrounds

Brand fonts


  • Font name: Jost
  • Font weight: 600

Regular text

  • Font name: Jost
  • Font weight: regular (400)

Brand spelling

  • St. Pete’s Maids (with the apostrophe and capitalization)
  • St. Pete’s Maids (with the curly apostrophe, as in certain font styles)
  • St Petes Maids (without the apostrophe)
  • ST. PETE’S MAIDS (all uppercase is not preferred)
  • st. pete’s maids (all lowercase is not acceptable)
  • Saint Pete’s Maids (do not spell out “Saint”)
  • St. Pete’s Maid Service (do not alter the name with additional words)
  • Pete’s Maids or St. Pete’s (do not abbreviate or shorten the name)

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